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Reform, innovation key to boost demand, growth

Local governments should keep track of the changing economic patterns and fine-tune policies through reform and innovation, said Premier Li Keqiang.

Premier: competitiveness relies on scientific research

A country’s core competitiveness relies on basic scientific research, Premier Li Keqiang said during an inspection of a key laboratory at Jilin University on April 10.

Premier charts course to put northeast back on track

Major projects - including manufacturing and exporting rail equipment - and support industries remain the key way to help the slowing economy in northeastern China.

Resolution to give boost to NE China

Premier Li delivered harsh words to local officials in the northeast, indicating his resolve to drum up the heavy industrial base.

NE China to renew growth via reform and opening up

China’s northeastern provinces should speed up reform and opening up efforts to renew growth and seek sustainable development, Premier Li said on April 10.

Premier Li seeks ‘jumbo’ train maker

Premier Li Keqiang called for a “jumbo” train manufacturer to improve global market competitiveness on April 10.

‘Super salesman’ for Chinese rail equipment

The president of China CNR Corporation Ltd said the company’s workers see Premier Li Keqiang as a “super salesman” for Chinese rail equipment.

Deep-rooted problems haunt industrial heartland

China Daily reporter Zhao Yinan shares her observations of Premier Li Keqiang’s tour to the country’s northeastern rust belt in the early spring.

Premier boosts morale in NE China

Premier Li traveled to the northeastern rust belt to offer reassurance and drum up confidence, and visited a railway project construction site in Jilin province.


Premier encourages graduates to work at the community level

Premier Li Keqiang said that one can accumulate the most precious experience while working at the community level.

Thank you, super salesman

Holding placards reading “Thank you, super salesman” at a workshop, workers at China CNR Corporation’s Changchun Railway Vehicles made their way to shake hands with Premier Li.

Combined Fleet to go global

Premier Li said he hopes that the country’s two largest train makers, CNR and CSR, will work as a “combined fleet” after their merger.

Innovation in craftsmanship to be valued

Innovation not only refers to technological advance, but also the innovation of craftsmanship, which will enable the products to be more competitive, said the Premier.

Better technique, better income

Premier Li encouraged migrant workers at China’s largest wire harness manufacturing company to learn more techniques. Being equipped with more techniques means higher incomes, he said.

Made-in-China is empowered by enterprises and their workers

The Premier said that the strength and capability of enterprises, and the determination and motivation of migrant workers, are key to China’s competitive advantage.

Migrant workers have right to timely paycheck

The Premier said it would be a good idea for companies that have a great demand for labor to cooperate with labor service companies in high unemployment areas.

Underground infrastructure allows a city to ‘truly shine’

Underground facilities are invisible projects of building a city, but, only when they are made sound, can a city be truly shining, said Premier Li.