China's commerce ministry clarifies UAV export controls
Updated: August 1, 2023 07:36 Xinhua

BEIJING, July 31 -- A spokesperson with the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) has clarified unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) export control measures that were made public by the MOC and three other departments on Monday.

China has always been committed to maintaining global security and regional stability, and has always opposed the use of civilian drones for military purposes, the spokesperson said.

The moderate expansion of the scope of export controls on drone-related equipment is an important measure displaying China's role as a responsible country by practicing the Global Security Initiative and safeguarding world peace, the spokesperson said.

The measures did not target any specific countries and regions, according to the MOC.

The country on Monday confirmed export controls on drone-related equipment, including some special engines and radio communication devices of UAVs. It also imposed export controls on some consumer-grade UAVs that will be in effect for two years. The export control measures will be effective from September 1, the spokesperson said.

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