Highlights of Chinese government work report
Updated: March 5, 2024 09:23 Xinhua

BEIJING, March 5 -- The following are the highlights of the Chinese government work report submitted Tuesday to the national legislature for deliberation.

-- 2024 GDP growth target: around 5 percent

-- Creating over 12 million jobs in urban areas

-- Ratio of deficit to GDP: 3 percent

-- Special-purpose bonds for local governments: 3.9 trillion yuan

-- Issuing ultra-long special treasury bonds

-- Launching AI Plus initiative

-- Enhancing disruptive and frontier technology research

-- Launching year-long program to stimulate consumption

-- Investment from central government budget: 700 billion yuan

-- Expanding domestic demand

-- Ensuring national treatment for foreign-funded enterprises

-- Working toward joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership

-- Pursuing higher-standard opening up

-- Defusing risks in property, local debt, small and medium-sized financial institutions

-- Ensuring both development and security

-- Advancing energy revolution

-- Opposing "Taiwan independence" and external interference

-- Upholding international fairness and justice

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