Advanced 5G base station launched in Mt. Qomolangma
Updated: April 25, 2024 21:39 Xinhua

LHASA, April 25 -- The first 5G-A (5G-Advanced) base station was launched in the Mount Qomolangma area on Wednesday, marking the entry of the world's highest peak region into the 5G-A era, according to telecom giant China Mobile.

Compared to 5G, 5G-A features higher speed, greater connectivity, and lower latency.

The 5G-A network is expected to provide stronger network support for tourism, mountaineering, scientific research, and environmental protection in the Mount Qomolangma scenic area.

Li Chongming, an official of China Mobile's branch in southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region, said the 5G-A network can meet the emerging business needs of tourist attractions and the diversified demands of tourists in the scenic area, as well as provide a more reliable emergency rescue communication guarantee for climbers.

Researchers can also utilize the 5G-A base station to upload monitoring data in real-time, efficiently carrying out research on the protection of wild animals and plants, Li added.

Located at the China-Nepal border, Mount Qomolangma has an altitude of more than 8,840 meters, with its north part located in Xizang.

The world's highest-altitude 5G base station started operation as early as 2020, with its signal covering the summit of Mount Qomolangma.

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