China aims to improve training of skilled workers in cultural heritage field
Updated: June 14, 2024 19:18 Xinhua

BEIJING, June 14 -- China plans to strengthen the training of skilled professional workers in the cultural heritage field to support the sector's development.

According to a circular jointly issued by the Ministry of Education and the National Cultural Heritage Administration, which was made public Friday, efforts will be made to improve the cultivation of personnel in cultural heritage-related majors in vocational schools.

The document said the two agencies will work together to ensure the training of relevant personnel matches the practical needs of the sector. Based on the cultural heritage administration's research, the education ministry will issue guidance to local governments in developing relevant specialties.

The document cited developing specialties such as ancient architecture engineering and cultural relics archaeological skills as the main areas of focus, while also noting that cultural relics restoration and cave temple protection courses should be improved.

The document further required the opening of new courses concerning heritage-related digital technologies and mural and sculpture protection.

Moreover, the document called for measures to improve the quality of teachers, and encouraged the use of experienced field workers as part-time teachers in vocational schools.

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