Southwest China's Guizhou seeks high-quality growth
Updated: June 15, 2024 07:03 Xinhua

BEIJING, June 14 -- Southwest China's Guizhou Province has accelerated the transformation of the economic development mode to pursue high-quality growth while consolidating poverty relief achievements.

Guizhou is building six major industrial bases covering deep resources processing, R&D and production of power batteries and materials, computing power, Chinese baijiu (distilled spirits), energy, and advanced equipment manufacturing, Li Bingjun, governor of Guizhou Province, told a press briefing in Beijing on Friday.

The mountainous province is also vigorously developing its distinctive agriculture and upgrading the tourism industry, Li told reporters.

Over the years, the province has made continuous efforts to consolidate poverty eradication results and promote rural revitalization by increasing farmers' incomes and developing rural industries, according to Li.

Thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative, Guizhou has greatly expanded trade with the Belt and Road partner countries and the ASEAN.

Its trade with Belt and Road partner countries and ASEAN grew by an annual average of 28.4 percent and 33.8 percent in the past two years, Li said.

Qiu Zhenguo, head of the Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission, told the same press conference that Guizhou is unswervingly advancing green development.

Measures include upgrading traditional chemical industries, improving the clean and efficient use of coal, and developing the new energy vehicle industry, Qiu said.

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