China issues white paper on marine eco-environmental protection
Updated: July 11, 2024 10:36 Xinhua

BEIJING, July 11 -- China's State Council Information Office on Thursday released a white paper titled "Marine Eco-Environmental Protection in China."

Besides the preface and conclusion, the white paper consists of seven parts: "Improving Marine Eco-Environment for Harmonious Coexistence Between Humans and the Ocean," "Coordinating Marine Eco-Environmental Protection," "Systematic Governance of the Marine Eco-Environment," "Science-Based Conservation and Restoration of Marine Ecosystems," "Strengthening Supervision and Administration of the Marine Eco-Environment," "Advancing China's Green and Low-Carbon Maritime Development" and "Carrying Out All-Round International Cooperation on Marine Eco-Environmental Protection."

China is a firm advocate for and an active participant in protecting the marine eco-environment, which is vital to its initiatives to build a beautiful China and a strong maritime country, the white paper noted.

Over the years, China has given priority to eco-environmental conservation and pursued systematic governance. It has coordinated development and protection efforts, and supported high-quality development with high-level protection, striving to build a marine eco-environment of harmonious coexistence between humans and the ocean, the document added.

Thanks to hard work over the years, China's marine eco-environment has shown overall improvement, with a marked increase in the capacity of ecosystem services and functions in certain sea areas, according to the white paper.

"These achievements are a testament to the country's commitment to marine eco-environmental protection," it said.

The white paper said China has demonstrated its commitment as a responsible major country by actively promoting international cooperation in protecting the marine environment, faithfully fulfilling its responsibilities and obligations under international conventions, and contributing Chinese solutions and strength to the global governance of the marine environment.

"The Chinese government is publishing this white paper to present a full picture of China's ideas, actions, and achievements in marine eco-environmental protection to the international community to facilitate understanding of China's conservation efforts and advance international cooperation in this regard."

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