China, Serbia sign memorandum on space technology
Updated: June 6, 2020 09:34 Xinhua

BELGRADE — China and Serbia on June 5 signed a memorandum on space technology which aims, among other things, to put the Serbian national flag on co-designed spacecraft in the future.

The memorandum was signed by Zhang Kejian, director of the China National Space Administration, and Nenad Popovic, Serbian minister in charge of innovation and technological development, via a video conference.

Zhang said the memorandum is in the common interests of both countries, adding that as many scientists as possible will engage in joint space projects.

"Our goal is to put the flag of Serbia on the spacecraft that we will jointly design," he announced.

Popovic noted that the space partnership will have an immense value for Serbia, saying it will help realize the country's strategic national projects.

Popovic said Chinese partners are willing to share their knowledge and experience in space technology with Serbia.

"We deeply respect the friendship between our two countries, and we wish for the document signed today to bond China and Serbia in friendship and economic development permanently," he said. "I am sure that our upcoming projects will pave the way for our joint vision."

According to the Serbian government, the document will envisage the "improvement of bilateral cooperation between Serbia and China in the development and use of space technology, satellite systems and the Earth Observing System, with applications in the field of smart agriculture, telecommunications, ecosystems, remote sensing systems and geolocation positioning."

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