China to extend policies to stabilize employment
Updated: May 22, 2021 16:39

At the State Council executive meeting held on May 12, decisions were made to extend some pro-employment policies and formulate those supporting flexible employment.

The adjustment has fully considered changes in the environment and stability and sustainability of policies, Vice-Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Li Zhong said at a policy briefing on May 20.

This year, Li said, the policies will support market entities to hold and increase jobs, focus on key groups in employment and entrepreneurship, and secure the livelihoods of those experiencing difficulty.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will work with other departments in administration streamlining to create more jobs through entrepreneurship and support flexible employment in multiple channels, Song Xin, an official from the ministry, said.

Song said the government will encourage small and medium-sized businesses to hire more university graduates through tax cuts and subsidies, and call on State-owned enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility to expand their recruitment.

At the same time, university graduates also will gain support in grassroots positions and startups.

To help migrant workers, Song added, growing jobs will be unleashed in central and western regions in industrial development and transfer. Agreements among provinces will guide farmers seeking jobs.

This year, the government also will help people out of poverty to employment through fund support, skill training, and targeted support policies, Li said.

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