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Reporters check implementation of reforms on streamlining and delegating powers

Updated: Aug 4,2015 6:39 PM

At the beginning of June, Xinhua News Agency reporters visited various cities and government departments to get an in-depth knowledge of effective measures to streamline administration and delegate power to lower levels - and also to research various issues.

The reporters found that local governments and departments had reacted positively to the central government and had introduced measures to promote the initiatives, greatly benefiting enterprises and people.

However, reporters also learned that, in some cases, only the style changed while power had not been delegated. Some other cases involved planned reforms, but the reporters saw no progress had been made.

In the last two years, administrative service centers were set up in many locations to simplify procedures and bring convenience to people’s lives. Some achieved great results while some merely exist, as if just for show, and others were established in locations without easy access to public transportation.

“Can the work efficiency truly be improved if different departments and institutions work together? We should analyze and decide which situations can be handled by the various centers and which require research and approval. Power cannot be delegated for no reason, and convenience should be taken into consideration,” one staff member from an administrative service center said.

The building of the cross-department information platform is behind schedule and there has been little progress regarding information sharing among different departments.

The reform measures to streamline administration and delegate power can provide strong support to maintain a steady economic growth, promote further reform, and benefit people.