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High-tech industry continues to develop in China

Updated: Aug 13,2015 4:08 PM

One workshop in Dongguan, Guangdong province, operates with only 60 machines running day and night, manufacturing mobile phone accessories — in contrast to the situation in the past, when 650 workers were required to complete the production procedure.

This reliance on machines is now widespread, as China has become the world’s largest manufacturing country for industrial robots.

Additionally, new and emerging industries, such as new energy vehicles, integrated circuit, and advanced medical devices and servers, develop so fast that the added-value of the high-tech manufacturing industry in the first half of the year increased 10.5 percent year-on-year, according to the People’s Daily. This increase is nearly 5 percentage points higher than the average rate of growth of the above-scale industries.

Sheng Laiyun, a spokesman of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that the fast growth of the new industries and new products shows that innovation and entrepreneurship played a positive role. The number of newly registered enterprises in the country rose 19.4 percent year-on-year in the first half of the year, Sheng added.

Science and technology agents emerged at universities in Zhejiang province this year, helping to connect science and technology with innovation and entrepreneurship.

Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology, said that China “has strong innovation power and a large scale in information industry. Internet enterprises provide many innovative platforms such as electronic businesses, social network and O2O.”

Wan defined innovation as a kind of behavior conducted by the market. Even government-administrated platforms are operated in a “market-guide mode”. He also said the government will further streamline administration and delegate power, and will continue trying to play a bigger role in improving systems, protecting legal rights and keeping a fair and competitive market.