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Long-term vaccine management system planned

Updated: Apr 14,2016 11:45 AM

Two government departments started studying the establishment of a long-term vaccine circulation and inoculation management system, according to their spokesmen on April 13.

The National Health and Family Planning Commission and China Food and Drug Administration will take the lead in building the vaccine management system, after the State Council decided to amend the Regulations on Management regarding the Circulation of Vaccine and Vaccine’s Prevention and Inoculation during an executive meeting on April 13.

According to the two departments, the procurement system for type-2 vaccine (voluntary vaccines not paid for by the government) will be improved, with the provincial-level center for disease control and prevention organizing procurement, and then county-level centers purchasing directly from vaccine manufacturing enterprises before supplying them to inoculation organizations within the jurisdiction.

Such reform will forbid inoculation organizations from buying vaccines directly from manufacturers, reducing risks among circulation.

An information management system regarding vaccine inoculation will be established in order to trace the whole process from production to circulation. Cold chain storage management and transportation will also be enhanced.

The two departments explicitly stated that unauthorized enterprises and individuals would not be allowed to get involved in activities concerning purchase, sale, or storage of vaccines. In addition, vaccine sales by mail and Internet and giveaways are prohibited.

In rural areas, vaccine inoculation will be implemented by county-level organizations, and village doctors are not allowed to sell type-2 vaccines.

Financial support will be given to the centers for disease control and prevention.