China's progress on economic resumption
Updated: June 26, 2020 14:08 Xinhua

BEIJING — As efforts to contain COVID-19 continue, China is steadily reviving its economy. The following facts and figures indicate how the country is forging ahead in the economic sphere:

— Chinese authorities have announced the extension of fee cuts and exemptions for import and export enterprises to stabilize the foreign trade sector amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

The preferential policies, including waiving port construction fees levied on importers and exporters and halving oil-pollution damage compensation for ships, will be extended to Dec 31, 2020, according to a circular jointly issued June 24 by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport.

The move aims to help enterprises tide over difficulties and advance the development of foreign trade during the epidemic-containment period, the circular said.

— China saw over 17.2 million domestic tourist trips made on June 25, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said.

Domestic tourism revenue reached 4.47 billion yuan (about $634 million) on June 25, the first day of the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday, according to the ministry.

Currently, more than 10,000 A-level tourist attractions have reopened to the public, said the ministry, adding that the number of tourists shall not exceed 30 percent of the maximum visitor capacities during the holiday.

— A government-sponsored online recruiting service platform has offered more than 13 million job posts for Chinese college graduates since its launch in March.

The "24365" platform was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education and multiple recruiting platforms to help graduates find jobs amid the COVID-19 fallout.

A total of 29 special online job fairs have been held on the platform, offering nearly 5 million job vacancies in fields including strategic emerging industries and health care.

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