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Updated: March 9, 2021 11:18 China Daily

China will continue its rigorous research into COVID-19 and other major infectious diseases to better protect the long-term health and safety of the people. We cannot forget the pain after the wound has healed. It is important to establish a mechanism to support and sustain long-term research into diseases with epidemic potential, so that when the next epidemic comes, China will be better prepared. This will also require China to bolster its basic research on core technologies.

— Wang Zhigang, minister of science and technology

China should continue to reform its education evaluation system and reduce the competitiveness at schools to promote students' psychological health. More efforts are needed to promote personalized development, strengthen group cooperation, and guide students to love themselves and appreciate others. Authorities should also regulate online content for underage students, promote research and development of mobile devices for youngsters, and limit the time they spend online.

— Tao Kaiyuan, CPPCC National Committee member, vice-president of the Supreme People's Court

We should build a new pattern of land and space development by scientifically compiling territorial and spatial plans and optimizing the distribution of land used for production, living and environmental benefits. We need to promote the economical and efficient use of land by deepening the reform of the land supply system and strictly controlling nonagricultural construction on high-value farmland.

— Cao Weixing, CPPCC National Committee member, vice-chairman of Central Committee of the China Democratic League

My effort and training won me an award at the 43rd WorldSkills competition, reinforcing my recognition of craftsmanship. Now I have new understanding of the craft, which encourages me to bravely accept challenges and pursue perfection with patience. What I want to say to my peers is to love whatever job you've taken up and grow to be a fine craftsman to contribute to realizing the Chinese dream.

— Zou Bin, NPC deputy, project quality manager from the China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau

Thanks to the persistent efforts in environmental protection along the Yellow River, the city I'm living in has witnessed tremendous change in the past decades. I used to be a sanitation worker and have spent a lot of time finding new ways to save water. My suggestion to the NPC this year is to set up a Sanitation Workers' Day, encouraging the whole of society to care more about the group.

— Zhang Jinhai, NPC deputy, chief mechanic at Dongying City Wetland Construction Center in Dongying, Shandong province

Efforts to amend and upgrade laws on intellectual property rights in recent years have provided stronger legal support for IP owners and encouraged innovation of enterprises. Due to years of intensified legislative work, a legal system for IPR protection has been established in our country. As an NPC deputy, I'm proud that I witnessed the IPR-related legislation, and it was also my honor to participate in some legislative activities.

— Ma Yide, NPC deputy, professor from School of Public Policy and Management at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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