China issues white paper on human rights progress through moderate prosperity attainment
Updated: August 12, 2021 10:40 Xinhua

BEIJING — China on Aug 12 issued a white paper to elaborate on how its realization of all-around moderate prosperity represents comprehensive progress in ensuring universal human rights in China, and a new contribution to the world's human rights cause.

Titled "Moderate Prosperity in All Respects: Another Milestone Achieved in China's Human Rights," the white paper was released by the State Council Information Office.

The white paper said under the Communist Party of China (CPC) leadership, the Chinese people "completed the historic transformation from poverty to secure access to food and clothing, to a decent life, and finally to moderate prosperity."

Moderate prosperity in China, according to the document, is evident in all respects: a buoyant economy, political democracy, a flourishing culture, social equity, and healthy ecosystems; balanced development between urban and rural areas to the benefit of all the people; and high respect for and comprehensive protection of human rights.

China's realization of moderate prosperity serves as a solid foundation for human rights, the white paper said.

It expounded on the topics in five aspects: achieving moderate prosperity and advancing human rights; ending extreme poverty and securing the right to an adequate standard of living; boosting human rights with development and securing economic, social and cultural rights; protecting civil and political rights with law and governance; promoting social equity and protecting the rights of special groups.

The white paper hailed the realization of moderate prosperity in China, a country with a population about one-fifth of the world's total, as a milestone in the history of global human rights.

"China's approach and experience have provided a distinctive path forward for human progress," it said.

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