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Official motto for Olympics introduced

Sun Xiaochen
Updated: September 18, 2021 09:49    China Daily

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics organizing committee introduced the Games' official motto "Together for a Shared Future" to the world on Sept 17, calling on mankind to stay united in harmony in the face of common challenges to come.

The five-word slogan, together with its Chinese version, was unveiled during a ceremony at Beijing Capital Museum with 140 days to go before the 2022 Winter Olympics open in the Chinese capital on Feb 4.

The slogan sends a warm invitation to the world, calling people from diverse backgrounds to join hands to build a bright future toward unity, peace, progress and inclusiveness, according to the organizing committee.

"The unveiling of the slogan is expected to capture more attention from all over the world to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Hopefully, it will trigger greater interest in the Games and help get more people involved in welcoming the gala event," Beijing Mayor Chen Jining, also an executive president of the Beijing 2022 organizing committee, said during the ceremony on Sept 17.

"At a trying time when the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic is still upon us, the successful hosting of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will encourage people from all corners of the world to stand hand in hand to push collectively for a brighter future."

The final version of the motto drew inspiration from 11 proposals entering the final round of review from individual submissions, creative teams from colleges and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences since a call for ideas was launched in May 2020.

The Beijing 2022 slogan impressed the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee for complying with the newly updated Olympic motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger-Together", said Olympic promoters.

"Beijing 2022's slogan boasts a strong appeal to the world nowadays that all mankind has only one future, a shared one," said Jiang Xiaoyu, vice-president of Beijing Olympic City Development Association. "So the solution for creating a better world is simple and clear that we should push in one direction, which was embodied by the slogan."

The Games motto will be displayed-in English and Chinese-at all Games venues, on city street decorations and licensed goods to promote the value of the Olympic spirit as well as Beijing's vision of hosting the Games in an open and shared manner.

All the Games' 12 competition venues have been completed and tested with the remaining decoration and renovation projects on noncompetition venues and some temporary facilities scheduled to be completed by October.

Beijing 2022 organizers are now busy finalizing details for hosting the final round of 10 test events, which will allow foreign athletes and technical delegates to participate, from October to December.

Benefiting from an IOC-initiated knowledge transfer program, Beijing 2022 organizers have been developing their own COVID-19 countermeasures, reflecting on the protocols adopted by their Japanese counterparts during the Tokyo Summer Games.

"Entering the home stretch in our preparations for the Games, we are confident in addressing all kinds of challenges ahead to present the world an excellent edition of the Winter Olympics in a streamlined and safe approach," said Beijing Mayor Chen.