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Expectant mothers look to prenatal music

Updated: Nov 27,2014 3:46 PM

Visual arts have long been used to nurture young minds, but now music is taking it a step further by bringing inspiration as early as possible. Many believe prenatal music can help plant the seeds for future musical talent in an unborn child. Hoping to promote this trend and to possibly instil a love for music among a new generation, the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing is hosting a concert, playing classic hit songs from popular films.

Dubbed “Hello Baby”, more than 1700 parents-to-be attended the live orchestra concert at the NCPA.

Jointly held by the Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association and the Taiwan Medical Association, the concert hopes to promote the healthy development of pregnant mothers and their unborn children, while also instilling a love for music.

Here soon-to-be parents are entertained with classic songs from popular films.

Opening with songs from the hit film “Forrest Gump”, audiences were brought back to earlier times, reminded of the heart-warming feelings they felt when watching the film. Other childhood favorite films were also played, along with their theme songs.

Hit songs from popular Taiwan movies were also played, showcasing for the audience the shared cultural links across the Taiwan Strait.

The musical group, China’s Band of Movie Music also delivered a highly praised performance.

Prenatal music has grown in popularity across China, as more expectant mothers look to promote the healthy development of their unborn children through their love of music.