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A taste of Macao: Must-try snacks with melting pot heritage

Updated: Dec 20,2014 4:51 PM

Food can be as much of an attraction for tourists as historical and cultural sites. And that’s certainly true of Macao, with its rich multicultural culinary history. Macao has a multitude of must-try foods, some of which have become signature tastes.

If there’s one thing you can’t miss in Macao, it’s a Portuguese egg tart, or a pork chop bun, sold on the streets in busy areas.

And then there are the egg rolls ... the chicken cakes ... sweetheart pastries ... sweet pork jerky ... and cookies of every description.

As a port town, Macao is also well known for its seafood. Here visitors can sample fish, shrimps and the renowned blue crabs.

Some seafood products are easy to transport — like salted fish and shrimp paste.

And at one Macao museum, visitors get a taste of how it’s all made, so they can try it out in their kitchens back home.