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Documentary sheds light on traditional Chinese villages

Updated: Dec 29,2014 10:34 AM

Migrant workers may have moved to bigger cities with rapid urbanization that has changed much in China, but truly rural and authentic villages still exist throughout the countrysides. CCTV’s channel 4 releases a new documentary about these traditional Chinese villages.

The documentary “Remember the Nostalgia” features a hundred traditional villages across China, including those in the most remote areas.

It focuses on the customs, culture and of course the beautiful scenery surrounding these villages. It also highlights villager’s lifestyles.

“The documentary is not only about the traditional Chinese villages. It also is a showcase of the agricultural civilization of China,” said Lie Xiaojie, Director of State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

Filming of the documentary began in June. In total, CCTV’s channel 4 mobilized 40 filming teams to villages from all corners of the country. The documentary spans two seasons. The first season will feature 60 episodes and will be aired on CCTV’s channel 4 from January 1st to March 4th.