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Modern farming, rural reform top No. 1 document

Updated: Feb 2,2015 10:46 AM     

This is the 12th year in a row that the central government’s first policy document of the year focuses on agriculture. Modern farming and rural reform are high on the agenda.

The document listed four problems to be resolved in future rural development, including how to increase the importance of agriculture sector and farmers’ income in the background of the economic slowdown, how to give innovative support and protection policies to improve agricultural competitiveness, how to ensure the effective supply, quality, and safety of agricultural products in the resource and environmental constraints to enhance the sustainable development of agriculture, and how to accelerate the pace of new rural construction in the context of the further development of urbanization.

The document also lists some solutions guidance. It says the structural reforms are needed for modern farming. Agricultural subsidy policies must be effective and the pricing of farm products must be improved. Rural infrastructure construction and public service must be promoted and social capital will be encouraged to invest in rural development. Deepen reforms should also be put in rural land ownership and financial systems. And the rule of law should also be strengthened in rural areas.