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SW China prepares for traditional tea feasts

Updated: Apr 2,2015 9:44 AM     

For most Chinese people, tea drinking is an important part of their day. And the freshest pickings in spring time are considered the best.

Fenggang in southwestern province Guizhou is famed for its tea. Its locals have a long tradition of making a feast from the new leaves.

Locals make many mouth watering dishes using spring tea, and many restaurants offer food cooked with the fresh pickings.

Spring tea is harvested before the Qingming, or Tomb Sweeping, holiday in early April, and is of the best quality.

At first, the locals added the tea into soups or porridge, then gradually they discovered it can give a lift to a variety of dishes.

The good tastes also come with additional health benefits, as research suggests tea may protect against heart disease and even many types of cancer.