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Aerial video of Luoyang goes viral

Updated: Apr 9,2015 9:50 AM

An aerial video showing the stunning scenery of Luoyang, in central China’s Henan province, has become a hit online. Made by two college students, the video showcases both the city’s historic surroundings and the impressive skills of the two amateur filmmakers.

This was produced by Zhan Yifan and Cao Menglin. Both of them are students at the Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology. As amateur photographers and model airplane enthusiasts, they always wanted to use their skills to record the beauty of Luoyang.

“I love Luoyang very much. It’s very beautiful. I want to show the beauty I see to more people. When we see things on the ground, it seems a little dull. So I want to try a new angle,” Zhan said.

“Both of us are model airplane enthusiasts, so we thought of doing an aerial film,” Cao said.

It wasn’t all smooth flying from the start. Even deciding what locations to shoot was a process. They visited 56 scenic spots, including the famed the Longmen Grottoes and Baima Temple, before finally choosing 33 to feature in their video.

“It was tough work. You have to be careful controlling the speed and altitude, while the composition of the picture is also important. Weather conditions are also a crucial factor,” Zhan said.

The shooting took nearly a month, but once they uploaded it online, it became an instant hit. The two filmmakers say they are eager to make more videos, so that everyone can get a view of Luoyang’s first-class charms.