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US, China Film & TV Industry Expo briefs media on future plans

Updated: Apr 21,2015 3:54 PM

As the 5th Beijing International Film Festival is underway, its partner, the US China Film & TV Industry Expo (UCFTI), has held its second press conference at the Beijing Hotel to brief the media on future plans and ground-breaking programs.

This year, the US China Film and TV Industry Expo returns to bring together film makers and top executives from the two leading entertainment countries in Beijing. The expo announced its upcoming programs, which include National Screenings of “China Films in America,” the annual UCFTI Expo Film competition, and many more. The Grammy’s Chief Marketing Officer, Evan Greene, explained how this expo is helping US filmmakers enter China.

“The entertainment market in China has really become explosive and one of the most dynamic entertainment markets in the world. Our relationship with UCFTI has been really helpful to us and they can help us bridge a lot of the gaps and lot of relationships we need to develop here in China,” Greene said.

China is the world’s second largest movie market by total box office, bringing in more than $4.8 billion in 2014, and surpassing the US box office for the first time ever in February 2015. Still, more collaboration is needed to bridge the gap between the US and China, and facilitate mutually beneficial relationships within the two countries’ film and television industries.

“The thing is when you talk about collaboration, its got to be an open end people from both side are willing to collaborate so if both sides are open, then it works really well... At the end of the day its all about what’s up on that screen, in filmmaking, so if you have a good story and it’s somewhat organic and universal the collaboration will come easily,” film producer Tim Moore said.

Evan Greene, Tim Moore, and director Michael Schroeder have teamed up to form their own production company. Elbow Grease Pictures now has an initial slate of 10 pictures that they are planning to make. They are talking to investors from variety of places -- one of them being China -- in their quest for cooperation on many different levels.