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Suzhou museum showcases qipao trends through time

Updated: Apr 21,2015 5:42 PM

Slinky, elegant, chic, qipao is a symbol of female beauty and elegance. It usually has a high neck, bare shoulders, side slits and a snug fit. Now a special exhibition at the Suzhou Silk Museum offers a glimpse into qipao trends through the ages.

Traditional, delicate, serene and mysterious. The qipao evokes the glamour of a bygone era, yet is right at home in modern times.

This special exhibition features 31 qipao dresses and 21 dress accessories, all arranged according to the seasons.

“It’s really an eye-opener, to see different qipao trends. I’ve seen them in the movies,” said a visitor.

“Very much intrigued by the qipao dresses on display, especially the elderly. The dresses just remind them of that era of their youth, and we’ve gathered a lot different styles,” said Shen Hui, curator of Suzhou Silk Museum.

It’s the first time that the Suzou Silk Museum is holding a qipao-themed exhibition.

While the fashion of today represents self-expression and individuality, qipao creates an impression of simple and quiet charm that’s timeless.