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China’s information consumption caters to evolving tastes

Updated: May 25,2019 2:06 PM     CGTN

In recent years, the craving for information by consumers has soared in China, much of it the result of software products and services. Companies are using the latest technologies to cater to the evolving tastes of customers.

According to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, information consumption volume has reached five trillion yuan ($723.7 billion) in 2018, with a 10 percent growth year-on-year. The country also aims to boost it to nearly $870 billion in 2020, with an annual growth rate of at least 11 percent.

To keep up with the momentum, China has been working to promote new applications and patterns of information consumption in recent years. Some of the most popular fields include smart retail, creative design and short-video sharing. And a key technology used to achieve that is cloud services, which involves more than 400,000 companies nationwide.

CGTN spoke to two of companies, Sichuan Cable TV Network (SCCN), and XGIMI. The former, SCCN, operates TV media networks in the country. To meet evolving market demands, the company rolled out measures in 2012 to upgrade its industrial chain by shifting toward an interactive information consumption model, set-top box in particular.

Through the device, people can gain access to traditional cable TV programs, and enjoy customized services like local newscasts, entertainment, e-commerce and online learning. Each month, people pay a minimum cable fee of $6, with extra charges for additional services. Now, it has taken up more than 60 percent of its annual income.

XGIMI, founded in 2013, is China’s biggest manufacturer of projectors. Its key products, smart projectors, or “screenless TV” and laser TV products, provide home theater experience to customers, with high-quality images and sound effects.

Both of the companies involve cloud services to store technological and users’ data, to offer precision information services, and make information consumption quickly and efficiently.

China is pushing for innovations in the fields of wearable devices, consumer drones, virtual reality and intelligent service robots. As internet speeds increase and connection costs drop, officials say the push for more information will only expand.