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Beijing improves water quality in major reservoir

Updated: Jan 14,2020 09:41 AM    Xinhua

Beijing has rolled out a set of measures to improve the water quality of its major drinking water source, the Miyun Reservoir.

In 2018, Miyun district authorities built a fence that stretched over 300 kilometers around the reservoir and arranged regular patrols. This year, with the assistance of drones and unmanned boats, illegal acts will be spotted more quickly and accurately.

"We are setting up a smart monitoring system for Miyun Reservoir. The monitoring system will evolve from the old sporadic monitoring spots to an all-around system with facial recognition covering a distance of 300 kilometers. It will sound alarm immediately against any illegal act and take corresponding measures to ensure water quality," said Pan Linzhu, a senior official of Miyun district.

Apart from strict protection measures, Beijing will build ecological protection projects where the Chaohe and Baihe Rivers flow into the reservoir.

"This year we will improve eight wetlands, involving an area of 90 square kilometers. We expect to cut 45,000 tons of land erosion. We will enhance cooperation with upper stream areas for joint protection, construction and management," said Pan.

The competent authorities in the district also plan to initiate 56 waste water disposal projects and install water disposal facilities for 15 villages along the upper stream of the reservoir.