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First coronavirus patients discharged from Wuchang makeshift hospital

Updated: Feb 13,2020 08:57 AM    CGTN

As many as 28 coronavirus patients, mostly around 60 years old, were discharged from the gymnasium-converted makeshift hospital in the night of Feb 11 in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. They said it was a long and hard fight to recovery, and they wouldn't have been able to make it without the help of doctors.

"I thank the medical workers for risking their lives to save us. I thank them for their love and support. I couldn't have come this far without their efforts," said a patient.

Aside from joy and gratitude, patients and their families who were heading back home said they're also proud of the country's efforts in battling the virus.

"Only China can make such grand medical operations happen so quickly and save hundreds of patients of this major epidemic," said a man surnamed Su.

Ms. Xiao, 57 years old, said she already has plans for post-recovery.

"I want to get back to health and live longer, so I can take care of my grandson," Xiao said with smiling eyes while wearing a mask.

Xiao was in a critical condition previously, but her symptoms eased after thorough treatment. She was then moved to the makeshift hospital until she fully recovered.

Wuhan has built more than a dozen makeshift hospitals to receive thousands of patients with mild coronavirus symptoms.

"Makeshift hospitals are a special and effective method in times like these to receive more patients and contain the spread. I have never seen a mode like this in my 30 years of practice," said Dr. Wan Jun, president of the makeshift hospital, adding that although they have been working under great pressure, their effort will continue.

Before getting discharged, patients need to pass health examinations, including two rounds of nucleic acid test to check for signs of coronavirus infection, and they must also show no signs of fever for at least three days.

Upon leaving the hospital, they also need to rest at home in self-isolation for two weeks. If anything happens, they may contact authorities for assistance.

Dr. Wan told CGTN that discharging these 28 patients is just the beginning of the battle. The makeshift hospital will continue receiving patients until everyone is fully recovered.