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New policy package announced to boost consumption

Updated: Aug 27,2019 09:11 PM

The State Council recently issued a policy package, rolling out 20 measures to beef up consumption, in a bid to step up the healthy development of national economy.

Emerging business types will develop with further help. Cutting-edge information technologies, highlighting big data, cloud computing, and mobile network, should be widely applied, with a new slew of platforms, business types, and business modes to mushroom.

Distribution firms seek innovation and upgrading. Offline business entities should introduce new business philosophies, technologies, and designs.

Commercial pedestrian zones need to be further upgraded. Local governments can support reconstruction projects regarding the infrastructure, traffic facilities, information platforms, and credit systems. And premium and digitalized management services should forge ahead.

Smart convenience chain stores will pirouette and develop with household names and brands, with streamlining administration and delegating powers constantly deepened.

Handy service facilities for residents will be further optimized, with Internet Plus Communities - public service platforms - to be established. And nongovernmental organizations are encouraged to provide social services.

Rural circulation systems should develop with high efficiency, with rural circulation facilities upgraded and e-commerce widely available. And Internet Plus agricultural products will enjoy bigger urban market shares with government support.

Exports will enjoy easier access to domestic markets. Products, either for exporting or importing, should be of the identical quality, conforming to the same standards.

Consumers' demands for premium export products will be further satisfied. And bonded demonstration and transaction platforms are allowed to be established within special customs regulation zones.

Consumption potential will be tapped, with restrictions on car purchases to be eased, in a bid to support auto sales.

Green smart commodities will enjoy trade-in services. Distribution enterprises, if qualified, are allowed to recycle obsolete electronic products.

Night businesses and markets call for more vitality, with longer business hours permitted and late-night business zones allowed to operate.

Holiday consumption will enjoy larger space, with normalized consumption venues and special consumption fairs to be established.

Marketing platforms for products with branded products should be established, in a bid to help domestic brands gain popularity and facilitate industrial upgrading.

Distribution enterprises will see a reduction in their cost. Industrial and commercial power utilization will be priced the same.

Distribution companies are encouraged to engage in research, development, and innovation. And advanced logistics equipment makers will develop with solid support.

Petroleum products will enjoy easier market access. Approval procedures for petroleum business qualifications will be annulled, and related regulation for petroleum products circulation will be strengthened.

Fiscal capitals will play a bigger role to navigate consumption expansion, which applies to financial support as well.

Market circulation environment will be further optimized, with more efforts taken to consolidate the construction of consumption credit systems.