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State Council stresses orderly resumption of production and operation

Updated: February 22, 2020 17:46

China will propel sound resumption in enterprises’ production and institutions’ operation, according to a guideline issued by the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council on Feb 22.

All units should constantly monitor staff members’ health conditions. Health management should be carried out well, including tracking the transfer of personnel, requiring staff members to undergo quarantines, and so forth.

All units should also set up lines exclusively for reporting suspicious symptoms to local disease control and prevention centers, and corresponding epidemic-prevention action should be taken once any suspected cases are detected.

As the guideline says, epidemic-prevention measures should be well carried out in workplace. People entering or leaving workplace should engage in strict registration. Fingerprint scanners for clocking in and off should be shelved for the time being, and staff members should get their temperature taken before entering workplace. Additionally, non-staffers are subjected to restriction in entrance.

Ventilation in workplace should be guaranteed. And use of air conditioning should be safe. Lavatory facilities should run in a normal state, and disinfection in workplace, canteens, elevators and alike should be guaranteed.

Staff crowding and group activities should be reduced, and canteens should step up anti-epidemic management, featuring flexible hours and strengthened tableware disinfection.

Medical services should be well in place, and garbage sorting should be tightly regulated.

All units should also navigate staff through sound personal protection from coronavirus. Staff members should be better informed about epidemic-prevention tips amid operation resumption, and they should be required to wear face masks, wash hands frequently, and restrain themselves from going out too much.

As for abnormal cases, all units should establish a clear-cut internal epidemic-prevention system, designate areas for quarantine and observation, and shut down related sections like suspected cases’ office and dormitories for disinfection.

Units that have detected infected cases should stop coronavirus from spreading inward or outward, strengthen epidemic surveys, track down people who have come in contact with detected cases, and engage frequent disinfection. And workplace should be shut down if the epidemic situation turns out to be severe.