More protection for medical workers
Updated: February 23, 2020 20:05

The leading group of the CPC Central Committee on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak released a guideline to implement measures of further protecting and caring for medical workers on Feb 22.

First, raise salaries for medical workers. Temporary subsidies, one-time paycheck for extra work for all medical workers participating in the battle against the epidemic, and allowances for personnel involved in epidemic prevention and control, should be provided. For those working at the frontline in Hubei province, the temporary subsidies and one-time paycheck for extra work should be doubled and tripled, respectively.

Second, related departments should give a clear definition on “work-related injury”, and make good settlement for their insurance and social security.

Third, title evaluation and position competition will favor those who work at the frontline.

Fourth, living necessities of frontline medics should be guaranteed.

Fifth, personal protection should be regarded as a priority for medical workers fighting against the virus.

Sixth, frontline medical workers should be able to have days off.

Seventh, provide in-time psychological counseling and assistance to medical workers to alleviate their pressure.

Eighth, local authorities should help tackle difficulties for frontline medics' family members to make sure they can work at ease.

Ninth, China will create a safer working environment for medical workers in which their legal rights will be protected.

Tenth, related departments should apply for the honor of martyr for deceased medical staff, comfort the families of the deceased and help solve their difficulties. Also, medical workers with excellent performance will get praised.

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