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China releases COVID-19 prevention measures for key venues, groups

Updated: Apr 08,2020 22:03

Chinese authorities issued a circular on April 8, adopting prevention and control measures for key venues, units and groups, to curb the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The circular, issued by the State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism, called for differentiated measures in the workplace and public places, based on each region's epidemic situation.

According to the circular, for regions at low-level risk and activities gathering people together, should be held prudently to reduce risks of virus transmission; places essential for work and life, as well as open-air sites, should be reopened gradually and in an orderly way; and the reopening of places for entertainment and leisure activities should be carefully considered.

The principles of safety and steadiness should be implemented in medium and high-risk areas. Activities that call for gathering people should not be organized in principle. For necessary places in work and life and open areas, classified limitations should be adopted. It is suggested entertainment and leisure facilities be shut down to prevent clustering infection, the circular explained, adding that detailed requirements should be determined in accordance with different local epidemic situations.

Epidemic control and prevention measures at special units, such as nursing institutions for the aged, children welfare associations, prisons and mental health institutions, should be strengthened, the circular said.

All sections of air transportation and port quarantine should stay alert. Key groups, such as the old, children, pregnant women, students and medical staff, should be given special guidance in self-protection.