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Guideline released for work, production resumption in different regions

Updated: Apr 11,2020 05:39 PM

The Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council issued a guideline to companies and institutions in different risk areas to resume work and production amid epidemic prevention.

The guideline stressed to further promote the all-round work and production resumption of companies and institutions in low-risk areas and to resume normal living order as soon as possible.

According to the guideline, companies and institutions in low-risk areas should guard against imported cases and monitor employee mobility in time. Those coming from medium and high-risk areas, or from abroad should obey health management according to local requirement. Those from low-risk areas can go to work if they have normal body temperature.

Health condition of the employees should be acknowledged in time. Contingency plan will be taken immediately once suspected or confirmed cases were detected.

Work places should maintain ventilated, workplaces and living areas should be cleaned and disinfected, and people gathering and group activities should be minimized.

While ensuring ventilated and disinfected dormitory, companies can decide the number of employees living in each room. Employees should obey individual prevention and control requirement.

Workers in operation related to dusts and chemical hazards should wear masks as required by the occupational protection regulations and other employees should wear masks according to the public guidance.

The emergency response ability should be guaranteed with early detection, report, quarantine, and treatment of asymptomatic, suspected, and confirmed cases.

For regions with high and medium risks, health monitoring and registration of employees should be enhanced and all prevention measures should in place for working places.

Meanwhile, employees should be guided in personal protection and avoid unnecessary travelling and avoid places with crowded people and poor ventilation.

High- and medium-risk regions should clarify emergency response procedures and continue to implement all prevention measures according to the work and production resumption guideline issued by the State Council.