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Fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities clarified in natural resources

Updated: Jul 10,2020 09:30 PM

The General Office of the State Council issued a reform guideline on July 10, clarifying fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities between the central government and local governments in the field of natural resources.

In order to protect and sustainably utilize natural resources, safeguard national ecological security, and promote the Beautiful China initiative, the guideline stressed the active role the central and local governments can play by clearly assigning fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities among them.

The assignment covers surveying and monitoring, property rights management, and security of natural resources, national territorial spatial planning and control over utilization of national land, ecological protection and restoration, disaster prevention and mitigation in the natural resource field, among other aspects.

Governments at all levels should set up their budget within the assignment framework and fulfill their duties as required.

For better protection and utilization of natural resources, they should improve the mix of expenditure and boost the distribution efficiency of funds available in this field and their benefits.

Departments concerned should enhance coordination and guidance, with concrete actions to carry out reform tasks.

The requirements of the guideline and provincial realities should serve as the standard for identifying similar powers and responsibilities below the province level, without burdening primary-level governments too much.