China to promote quality development of national high-tech zones
Updated: July 17, 2020 21:55

China will build national high-tech zones with better layout and innovation capability by 2025, according to a circular issued by the State Council on July 17.

Mechanisms in the high-tech zones will be continuously updated to improve the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship and build high-tech industrial systems, as planned in the circular.

High-tech zones should gather high-quality resources and attract top talents to enhance independent innovation, and stimulate enterprises' business vitality for innovation by supporting technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, according to the circular.

Meanwhile, industries in high-tech zones should be pushed to upgrade toward higher ends, and emerging industries should be encouraged.

Further opening-up and more innovation were also stressed, with regional integrated development urged and new growth engines to be discovered.

An environment of high-quality development should be established for high-tech zones, and reform of management systems and mechanisms should be deepened, the business environment optimized and financial services strengthened.

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