State Council issues guidelines to promote notification-commitment system nationwide
Updated: November 9, 2020 21:30

The General Office of the State Council issued a guideline on Nov 9 promoting the notification-commitment system in processing administrative affairs within regions and departments at all levels in China.

It is aimed at promoting a system in which individuals or businesses will only need to make a commitment instead of providing certificates when handling government-related affairs and items related to business operation permits.

Authorities are required to optimize services in the fields of common concerns, and enhance information sharing and Internet Plus government services in the promotion of the system.

They must accurately classify and make clear the scope of items subject to the notification-commitment system, and supervise the fulfillment of the commitments effectively, according to the circular.

The system is required in processing affairs that are closely related to business operation and people's livelihoods, such as household registration management, market access and social security insurance.

In handling items related to business operation permits, the system also needs to be carried out when the mismatching behaviors of applicants can be rectified during and after the process, but it does not apply to those with bad credit records or false past commitments until credit is restored, it added.

Authorities should make public the catalog on items subject to the notification-commitment system, and formulate the working instruction in an accurate and understandable manner, the circular said.

According to the circular, the credit of the people who make the commitment will be considered as a key factor in deciding the method of verification in and after the process.

The circular also stressed online verification by using government information sharing platforms, government service mobile applications and other technologies.

The authorities are asked to strengthen the credit management of the system, and define misbehavior according to the law. Also, personal information and business secrets should be protected.

The circular stressed rolling out measures to defend against risks and establish an exit mechanism for commitment.

Local governments at or above county level must establish a coordination mechanism that unites departments of review, judicial administration and government services for all-around implementation of the system.

The full implementation of the notification-commitment system should be publicized through channels such as newspapers, television and the internet, for appropriate guidance to social expectations and timely response to social concerns.

Governments' performance in the system's implementation will be included in the annual appraisal system and the inspection on law-based government construction, according to the circular.

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