China to forge ahead with weather modification service
Updated: December 2, 2020 17:44

The State Council issued a circular on Dec 2, laying out measures for the quality development of weather modification.

According to the document, China will have a developed weather modification system by 2025, with breakthroughs in fundamental research and R&D in key technologies, steady improvements in modernization and refined services, distinct enhancement in comprehensive prevention against safety risks, and optimization in systems and policy environment.

The total area of artificial rainfall (snowfall) operation will reach beyond 5.5 million square kilometers, and for hail suppression it should go beyond 580,000 square kilometers.

By 2035, China's weather modification should arrive at a worldwide advanced level in terms of operation, technologies, and services, the circular said.

Weather modification should intensify its service backup in the following key fields: estimation for disasters such as drought and hail, and related zoning work in agricultural production areas; normalized working plans for regions in need of ecological protection and restoration; and major emergency responses to deal with events such as forest or grassland fires, and unusual high temperatures or droughts.

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