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Pollution control regulation to come into effect

Updated: Jan 29,2021 10:08 PM

The regulation on management of pollution discharge permits will come into effect on March 1, according to a State Council decree signed by Premier Li Keqiang on Jan 24 and issued on Jan 29.

The regulation was passed at the State Council executive meeting on Dec 9 and aims to manage and control the pollution discharge of enterprises and public institutions to ensure a sound ecological environment.

Those involved in the discharge of pollutants should apply for a pollution discharge permit, and unpermitted discharge of pollutants will be banned.

Classified management of the permits was introduced based on the amount of pollutants produced and discharged, as well as the impact on the environment.

The ecology and environment protection departments of the State Council will supervise and take charge of the national pollution permit system with better online services.

The regulation specifies requirements and procedures for application and approval of the permits.

Pollution permits can be applied online via a national permit management platform, the regulation stated, adding decisions on whether an application is accepted for processing should be made public on the platform.

Permit-approving departments can conduct on-site examination of polluters' production and operation facilities, and issue permits to those meeting specified requirements.

A pollution permit bears validity for 5 years.

Polluters should operate and maintain pollution control facilities according to requirements on ecology and environmental management.

Polluters are required to conduct self-monitoring, keep their data for at least five years, and build a recording system on environment management, and those under major supervision should adopt automatic monitoring devices.

They should also submit reports on permit implementation to approving departments and make public information on pollutant discharges on the national permit management platform.

Ecology and environment protection authorities should strengthen supervision in review and after approval of the permits, conduct inspections with reasonable frequency. Results of inspections and punishment notices should be put on the national platform.

A guide about feasible technologies to control pollution will be made and issued, the document said.

The regulation also specified different violations, and the punishments include restrictions, suspending production or shutting down, and a fine of up to one million yuan.