Five-year plan unveiled for supporting disabled
Updated: July 21, 2021 20:46

China will work to ensure equal rights for people with disabilities, as well as their well-being and self-development, according to a State Council circular on July 21 about the plan for protection and development of disabled people during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) period.

China has more than 85 million people with disabilities, the plan noted, highlighting the importance of delivering care and help over the next five years in the face of an aging population.

The plan aims to have basic systems providing multi-level social security and multi-form employment support for the disabled, who will gain better access to basic public services and equal rights in various aspects, by 2025. And by 2035, the goal is to make more noticeable substantial progress in achieving overall development and common prosperity for this group.

To that end, one priority is improving social security systems for the disabled. They come, among others, in the form of offering assistance to eligible people lifted out of poverty, developing care and nursing services, launching a wider range of insurance programs with greater benefits, and guaranteeing basic housing for low-income individuals and their families.

To help people with disabilities in both urban and rural areas pursue a better life using their labor, regulations and policies regarding employment training, services and subsidies should catch up, and multiple channels and forms should be used to help them find jobs or start businesses.

The plan stresses boosting employment services for the disabled, enhancing their occupational competence and safeguarding their rights and interests in workplaces.

It envisions improved care and service systems for disabled people, with higher-quality public services in terms of rehabilitation, education, including special education, and cultural and sports activities.

The disabled should enjoy equal rights, protected by effectively implemented laws and regulations, and better legal services.

A barrier-free environment should also be created, offering easy access to physical facilities and digital information and services.

The plan also urges attracting funds from various sources to support the five-year effort for the disabled, and applying technologies in services.

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