Regulation to strengthen protection over critical information infrastructure
Updated: August 17, 2021 17:24

The regulation for safe protection of critical information infrastructure was passed at the State Council executive meeting on April 27, 2021, and will go into effect on Sept 1, 2021, according to a State Council decree signed by Premier Li Keqiang.

According to the regulation, critical information infrastructure refers to important network infrastructure and information systems in public telecommunications, information services, energy sources, transportation and other critical industries and domains, in which any destruction or data leakage will have severe impact on national security, the nation’s welfare, the people’s living and public interests.

Intensive protection will be imposed on this infrastructure, with measures to monitor, defend against and deal with cybersecurity risks and threats from inside and outside the country. Critical information infrastructure will be protected from attacks, intrusions, interference and destruction, and illegal and criminal activities in this regard punished, the regulation said.

Security management institutions must be set up by operators with stipulated responsibilities to establish and improve the management and appraisal system for network safety, beef up security protection capabilities, and formulate emergency plans.

An information sharing mechanism will be built among relevant departments, operators and network security service institutions, to ensure the timely collection, evaluation, sharing and releasing of information concerning network security threats, vulnerabilities and incidents.

Safe operation of critical information infrastructure in energy sources and telecommunications should be safeguarded as a priority, and the two industries should also take measures to safeguard critical information infrastructure in other industries.

The country encourages special talents to work in this field, and training of security management personnel and technicians will be included in the national continuing education system. Technological innovation and industrial development are also encouraged in this field, and support will be provided to make technological breakthroughs.

It has stipulated legal liabilities of operators, specifying scenarios in which they will be subject to correction order, warning notices, and penalties.

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