China outlines development of women, children
Updated: September 27, 2021 15:11 Xinhua

BEIJING — China's State Council unveiled the outlines of development plans for women and children over the next decade.

The outlines, which set goals and tasks for the development of women and children in the coming 10 years, will play a vital role in implementing the fundamental policy of gender equality and the principle of prioritizing the development of children, and will take the development of women and children to a higher level in the new era.

By 2030, the policy of gender equality will be thoroughly implemented; women will have equal access to full life cycle health services, enjoy equal rights to education, equal economic rights and interests, and equal political rights, according to the Outline of Women's Development in China (2021-2030).

The document for women proposed 75 main goals and 93 supportive measures, covering eight areas including health, education and the economy.

The Outline on the Development of Chinese Children (2021-2030) specified 70 major objectives and 89 measures, focusing on children's health, safety, education and four other aspects.

By 2030, the system of laws, regulations and policies protecting children's rights will be improved, while the gap in children's development between urban and rural areas, different regions and groups will be narrowed significantly, according to the outline for children's development.

Children will enjoy more equal and accessible basic public services and more inclusive welfare by 2030, the document said.

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