China to step up efforts in IPR protection, application
Updated: October 28, 2021 15:12

The State Council has issued an outline to comprehensively strengthen intellectual property rights (IPR) protection and advance efficient IPR application in an effort to stimulate social creativity and build a new development paradigm during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period (2021-2025), according to a document released on Oct 28.

By 2025, China will achieve multiple goals set in the outline, including better IPR protection, great progress on IPR applications, higher level IPR services, and new breakthroughs in international cooperation, according to the outline.

To boost IPR protection and stimulate the whole society’s creativity, authorities should improve related laws and regulations, optimize judicial systems and administrative mechanisms, and provide diverse mechanisms to settle IPR disputes, the circular said. Quality and efficiency of IPR reviews will be enhanced, and oversight and management of IPR applications and registration strengthened.

The circular called for efforts in advancing reform on distributing the rights and benefits of State-owned IPR and pushing for IPR pledge and financing, to enhance the efficiency of IPR transferring and transforming, thus supporting innovative development in the real economy.

IPR service systems that facilitate and benefit ordinary people will be established, so that innovative achievements could better serve people’s well-being, according to the outline.

Measures were also laid out for international cooperation on IPR protection to serve the development of an open economy, including strengthening overseas assistance in safeguarding IPR.

The outline also highlighted talent pools and culture construction in this sector, which will lay a solid foundation for China’s IPR protection cause.

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