Tongcheng designated as national historical, cultural city
Updated: November 12, 2021 14:15

The Chinese government has approved designating Tongcheng city in East China’s Anhui province as a national famous historical and cultural city, according to an official reply released by the State Council on Nov 7.

With a long history, the city’s traditional layout, construction styles and cultures have their own distinct features, and its rich cultural deposits and historical remains are of great value, the reply said.

The State Council urged the provincial and city government to make plans on cultural heritage protection, preserve and restore historical and cultural street blocks, further develop urban infrastructure and public services, and make better use of historical buildings.

The reply also specified that it is not allowed to alter any natural landscapes or environment correlating with the historical and cultural elements of the city. Construction incompatible with local environment and styles should not be built. Damaging, moving without authorization and demolishing historical structures are also not allowed.

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