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More govt services to go online

Updated: November 12, 2021 19:55

The General Office of the State Council issued a guideline on developing the mobile terminal for a nationwide integrated administrative service platform to move more government services online using mobile phones, according to a circular released on Nov 12.

The development will combine mobile terminals of the administrative service platforms at the State level, State Council department level, and provincial level, the circular said.

Before the end of 2022, provincial-level government departments and State Council departments should incorporate their mobile service applications into the State-level mobile terminal.

As the pivot in nationwide mobile government services, the State-level mobile terminal acts as a portal guiding the public to State Council departments, and integration will help facilitate service coordination and cross-regional, cross-departmental handling of affairs on the mobile front, the circular said.

Provincial-level mobile terminals, which offer overall access to local mobile government services, should be improved with support from the nationwide integrated platform.

In technical architecture, the nationwide integrated platform’s mobile terminal includes the layers of infrastructure support, application management, and service delivery.

The guideline encourages the creation of unified standards in terms of developing and accessing the integrated mobile terminal, its quality management, as well as security protection and management.

The integrated system will have a list of high-demand services that can be accessed with a fingertip, focusing on education, social security, healthcare, and taxation, among other areas.

With unified management, procedures should be improved and documents streamlined in providing mobile administrative services, the circular said.

The guideline also requires unification of identity recognition, including on a cross-regional, cross-departmental basis, data sharing, and application management.

Mobile terminals of administrative service platforms should introduce better functions such as personalized records, easier searches, service rating, and seniors-friendly modes, and can be extended to public transport, utilities, and other services concerning people’s livelihoods.

The guideline calls for using technologies including big data, artificial intelligence, and 5G to make mobile administrative services easier to access.