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New measures to promote youth employment

Updated: May 13,2022 16:08

The State Council urged ensuring employment and encouraging entrepreneurship of college graduates and other youths, in a circular released on May 13.

Employment should be given priority while promoting high-quality development, the circular said, adding that by accelerating building a modern economic system, transforming and upgrading the manufacturing sector, expanding strategic emerging industries, and developing modern service industries, more jobs can be created for college graduates.

Efforts should be made to tap employment opportunities at the grassroots level, such as in the areas of social security, medical care, elderly care, social work and judicial assistance based on strategies for coordinated regional development and rural vitalization, while meeting the needs of modernizing primary-level governance.

Entrepreneurship and flexible employment should be supported. Policies on mass entrepreneurship and innovation should be put in place, education reform on innovation and entrepreneurship in universities should be deepened, and the education system and training mechanism should be improved, according to the circular.

High-quality training resources for innovation and entrepreneurship should be gathered to provide targeted training to college graduates. In addition, vocational training subsidies should be provided in accordance with regulations.

The number of jobs in government departments and public institutions should be maintained.

For college graduates facing difficulties, information about at least three to five tailored jobs should be provided, and they should be given priority in getting vocational training and internships. The one-time subsidy for seeking jobs and starting their own businesses should be given in a timely manner.

Public recruitment platforms and universities should share employment information; career planning and occupational guidance system for college students should be improved; employment and entrepreneurship promotion program for college graduates who have left school and are unemployed should be implemented through real name services.

Employment rights and interests must be protected. Equal employment should be advocated, employment discrimination against gender, age, and education background must be prevented, and illegal activities such as fake recruitment and resume trading, and illegal employment agencies must be prevented.

The circular also urged simplifying and optimizing employment procedures.

Employment registration certificates for college graduates will be canceled gradually, student personnel files should be transferred from schools to employers, and employment situation after graduation should be recorded.

Vocational skills should be improved, and more internship posts must be provided, the circular added.