Further government digital transformation outlined
Updated: June 23, 2022 17:54

The State Council released a circular on June 23, giving instructions on building a digitalized government, to adapt to the new scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes, to drive the development of the digital economy and the construction of a digital society, and to modernize the national governance system.

The top-level design of the digital government will be further improved by 2025, compatible with modern governance. Building a coordinated, efficient and intelligent digital government will be basically completed by 2035, the circular said.

Digital technologies will be widely applied to macro-control policy-making, analysis of economic and social development, supervision and management on investment, and other aspects.

Digital technologies should be used to establish a new supervision system to maintain market order in fair competition.

Efforts should be made to integrate the online and off-line modes of social governance, and improve digital governance in aspects including dispute resolution, public security management, public safety, and grass-roots social governance.

The national integrated online government service platform calls for constant optimization to provide digitalized and intelligent public services.

Efforts should be made to push forward digital transformation of ecological environment protection, enhance the ecological environment, territory development, and the scientific utilization of resources.

A scientific decision-making mechanism assisted by big data should be established and improved, and digital application scenarios should be extended to dynamic monitoring, statistical analysis and risk prevention and control, to usher in government's scientific decision-making.

The digital release of policy information should be optimized, with improvements made to the online government affairs information platform. And a classified, centralized, shared, and dynamically updated library of policy documents should be set up.

To that end, departments concerned should comprehensively strengthen the security management of digital government, implement a security management system, speed up research on core technologies, further safeguard the key information infrastructure, and cement the application of security precautionary technologies.

And a slew of corresponding systems should be built, highlighting a scientific and standardized system of rules and regulations, an open and shared data resource system, and an intelligent and intensive platform support system.

The digital government construction will become a driving force for digital development, the circular said.

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