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State Council releases legislative work plan for 2022

Updated: Jul 14,2022 17:08

The State Council released a circular on July 14 elaborating on its legislative work plan for 2022.

Legislative work in major, emerging and foreign-related areas should be strengthened, and legislative quality and efficiency should be enhanced to achieve high-quality legislation that will ensure high-quality development, improve the socialist system of laws with Chinese characteristics, advance the modernization of China’s system and capacity for governance, and provide strong legal support to build a modern socialist country in all respects, the circular said.

The circular urged departments to arrange legislative work items in a scientific and rational manner based on the goals and tasks for economic and social development, including in-depth reform and opening-up, promoting high-quality economic development, improving people’s wellbeing through development, and strengthening ecological protection to build a beautiful China.

According to the document, efforts should be made to improve legislative systems and mechanisms, and promote high-quality development through good laws and governance. Following the people-centered philosophy, legislation should be more scientific and targeted. Moreover, a risk-prevention mechanism for legislation should also be fostered.

Organization and leadership must be enhanced to ensure high-quality and efficient implementation of the legislative work plan, the circular stressed.

A total of 16 draft laws were proposed for deliberations by the National People's Congress Standing Committee, concerning areas such as customs duties, value-added tax and financial stability.

In addition, 16 administrative regulations will be formulated and amended, including those on urban mass transportation, anti-smuggling comprehensive governance, and protection of minors online.

Other legislative projects regarding national defense, military reform, transformation of government functions, administrative reform, separation of operating permits and business licenses, and optimization of the business environment will also be covered by the annual work plan.