China to deepen institutional reform on electrical and electronics industry
Updated: September 23, 2022 20:00

The General Office of the State Council approved deepening institutional reform on electrical and electronics industry, according to a circular issued on Sept 23.

The reform will remove institutional barriers curbing high-quality development of the electrical and electronics industry, improve effective regulatory oversight of the government, unleash market entities' vitality, and promote industrial upgrading and technological innovation.

As a way to improve the compulsory certification mechanism, the list of electrical and electronics for compulsory certification will be subject to dynamic adjustment, and nine types of products, including data terminal equipment with low safety risks and mature technology will be removed from the compulsory certification management.

The network access license mechanism of telecommunication equipment will be improved, satellite internet equipment and function virtualization devices will be included under a dynamic device list, the circular said.

The time frame for network access approval is set to be reduced to 15 working days and the validity period of the approval document will be extended from 1 year to 2 years, according to the circular.

The time frame for approving radio transmission equipment models will be reduced to 15 working days as well.

Electrical and electronics appliances manufacturing enterprises are encouraged to carry out self-inspection and self-certification on their products, the circular said.

In addition, network cables and distributing network equipment will no longer need network access certification by steps.

Energy conservation assessment system will be streamlined, at the same time, a unified green products certification and labeling system will be built.

Moreover, a supporting system for the high-quality development of the basic electronics industry will be strengthened with enhanced research and innovation in the industry, improved application system of electronic products, better financing mechanism and land use system for R&D and manufacturing of electrical and electronics industry, according to the circular.

The import and export management system will be improved to enhance the product circulation mechanism. Export tax rebate and export credit insurance will be further implemented while the export credit will be expanded, in order to encourage the cross-border e-commerce in the industry.

In addition, the circular also stressed to give support to the healthy development of the recycling and processing of the old electrical and electronics appliances.

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