China to strengthen regulation on medical security funds
Updated: May 30, 2023 21:43

The General Office of the State Council encourages the strengthening of regulation on the use of medical security funds, according to a circular released on May 30.

According to the circular, responsibilities should be clarified for administrative departments on medical insurance, agencies in charge of handling medical insurance, designated medical institutions, industry and local governments.

More efforts will be made to promote regular flight inspection, and strengthen supervision, coordination and interaction among departments in medical insurance, public security, finance, health and market regulation.

Regular intelligent monitoring should be pushed forward, the circular said, adding the real-time dynamic tracking of the use of medical insurance funds should be strengthened.

The circular also stressed regular social supervision and improving the reporting and complaint mechanism, adding regulation systems and mechanisms should be improved and cross-department coordination should be optimized.

To that end, medical insurance departments and departments of public security, finance, health, traditional Chinese medicine, market regulation and drug administration should enhance their coordination and information sharing, the circular said.

The circular also covered the credit management system, stating credit grading and classification management of designated medical institutions, pharmaceutical enterprises and personnel should be promoted, and the notification-commitment system for medical insurance funds should be established.

In addition, the circular noted the need for a cross-regional supervision mechanism for non-local medical treatment and mechanisms for handling major issues.

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