China to push 10-year fishing ban in Yangtze waters
Updated: March 21, 2024 21:41

The State Council rolled out a guideline for further implementing the 10-year fishing ban in the Yangtze River basin to accelerate the ecological restoration of aquatic biodiversity and water environment, according to a circular issued on March 21.

Relevant local governments at all levels should bear the primary responsibility in implementing the 10-year fishing ban as a major political task, the circular said.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs should work together with member institutions of the coordination mechanism to supervise and guide the work of resettling retired fishermen, monitoring law enforcement and protecting aquatic life.

The circular also urged establishing a dynamic and targeted assistance mechanism, taking measures to assist retired fishermen in need and intensifying efforts to provide employment services to retired fishermen.

In addition, old-age insurance should be applied consistently to ensure senior retired fishermen’s basic quality of life.

Law enforcement collaboration among different departments at all levels in different regions, including agriculture and rural affairs (fishery administration), public security, market supervision, transportation and water resources departments, should be enhanced.

The relevant local governments should focus on key time periods, areas, targets and species to strictly crack down on illegal fishing.

According to the circular that was released, further measures will also be taken to crack down on illegal fishing, protect rare and endangered species, restore major habitats, investigate and monitor aquatic animal resources, and prevent and control non-native species.

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