Liaoning’s territorial spatial plan approved
Updated: April 3, 2024 21:39

The State Council has approved a national territorial spatial plan for Liaoning province over the 2021-2035 period, according to an official reply released on April 3.

Liaoning province is an important old industrial base for China and a key area to promote the overall revitalization of Northeast China in the new era.

According to the reply, by 2035, the total area of cultivated land in Liaoning province should be no less than 76.01 million mu, of which the protection area for permanent basic farmland will be at least 62.5067 million mu, and the red line area for ecological protection should be at least 41,000 square kilometers.

The circular stressed efforts to thoroughly implement the strategies for coordinated regional development, major regional development, functional zoning system, new urbanization, rural revitalization, and developing maritime power.

Measures should be taken to comprehensively strengthen the protection of black earth and steadily improve the quality of cultivated land. The economic and population carrying capacity of the central and southern city cluster in the province should be strengthened, and the core function of Shenyang’s metropolitan area should be enhanced, the circular said.

Liaoning province will improve the pattern of marine development and protection, make intensive and efficient use of sea areas, islands and coastlines, and optimize the layout of port function areas, according to the circular.

The document asks the Liaoning provincial government to reinforce organization and leadership, clarify responsibilities, and improve working mechanisms and supporting policies. The Ministry of Natural Resources is required to coordinate closely with relevant parties according to the division of responsibilities, strengthen guidance, supervision and evaluation, and ensure they meet the goals and fulfill the tasks set out in the plan.

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